Open up your facilities

Give access to your tools and labs

To move forward in the project's design, we need to get access to various equipement such as lab tools, machine tools, 3D printers, etc.

Access needed

  • Access to 3D printers
  • Access to machine-tools
  • Access to servers and clusters
  • Access to groups of student in a pedagogical way
  • Access to testing equipment in academib labs
  • Access to medical area to test, use and challenge
  • Access to skills within your organization

How to open up your facilities

Please contact us or visit us.

How it works

Smoothly, according to partners availabilities

Several organizations, academic laboratories, schools and compagnies decided to support the project by opening up their facilities such as access to equipments, tools and any other ressources.
If you're agree with opening up your facilities please contact us